Some years ago I creates a utility to help creating custom Event Sources for applications like web applications, Web services that could not create their own custom event sources - mainly because they ran under an account that does not have admin rights on the computer. The utility evolved into the current version that also allows for changing some basic properties of the Event Log.

Warning! (to cover my {you know what} ) This utility makes changes to the Event system of Windows. If not used properly it can damage the Event Log system! Please use carefully.



The utility allows you to do the following:
  • Create new custom Event Logs
  • Create custom Event Sources
  • Delete custom Event Logs
  • Delete custom Event Sources
  • Change the Log maximum size
  • Change the Log overwriting/archiving property
  • Search for Event Sources (to see if it already exists)
  • Connect to remote machines to manage Event Logs (requires Admin privileges on remote machine)

Editing Event Log properties


Adding Event Source



  • Windows 7/2008 (Not tested on Vista or Windows XP yet)
  • Admin privileges on local and remote machines.
  • .Net 4.0 framework
  • A brain helps a lot. Really!

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